About mia merran

This is mia’s debut novel. She is devoted to her faith, family and country. She is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, and co-founder and managing editor to an all volunteer grass roots pro-life association. She has also been a tertiary member of a prominent Roman Catholic religious order for nearly fifteen years, benefiting greatly from the spiritual and theological instruction of her faithful community.

mia’s belief has been built upon a fervent trust that God is always with her along with her faithful advocate, the Blessed Virgin Mary. After enduring a traumatic event in her early childhood, mia found her solace in prayer. Despite the ordeal through the grace of God and a loving family, her childhood proved to be an ordinary one with a lively childhood and many pleasant memories.

She learned over time that faith was a gift worth praying for because without it, when additional suffering presents itself, only faith can carry one through. She also learned that the secret to peace in pain is to rely on Our Lady, the Mediatrix of all Grace.

mia’s curiosity in life harvested an appreciation of various interests over the years, from art and music, to health and history, to business and politics, which in reality count for far less than imagined. In truth, she found that nothing can compare with the knowledge and the beauty of the most Holy Trinity found through the beauty of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

God bless and keep us.

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