The Story

A BURNING CALL, by mia merran

When God wills something to be done…nothing can stop it! So, this family came to realize.

A BURNING CALL is a dynamic portrait of a contemporary upper middle class Catholic family. The story presents an evocative modern day picture of a declining culture and a man’s quest to preserve the innocence of his children with his cherished wife by his side, along with her unwavering confidence in the Mother of God. Through a number of unexpected events, their lives are altered far beyond their imaginations through mystery and miracles while revealing that one man’s motivation for truth was in reality an invitation from God.

This inspirational story is filled with humor along with a sense of casual to formal elegance redolent of a time gone by. Yet it is thoroughly modern and realistic, fast moving and uplifting. It incorporates faith, family, romance, drama and music. It is a venture from suburbia to seaside, through trials and tribulations, from darkness into light. It is a place to escape ones daily struggles as these characters capture your heart in achieving their endeavors and while dodging death defying moments with a bolt from the blue.

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